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best online trading platforms Pakistan Welcome !! I am Amy McTeague of McTeague Photography. I reside in Geneva, Illinois with my loving, supportive husband and two beautiful daughters.

My love for photos started as a little girl. Growing up with a father who, for many years, worked for Kodak, it was very easy to be drawn to photography. While snapping pictures has always been a hobby for me, my real love for photography started with the birth of my first daughter. I found it hard to put the camera down, and soon began photographing family, friends, and neighbors.

I love capturing the innocence of babies and children. Although my passion started as photographing just children, I also enjoy taking pictures of families, couples, engagements, weddings, pets, and some nature. I hope to capture the moments that can be passed and remembered for generations.

best trading platforms In capturing a beautiful photograph, I feel that there are not a lot of props or poses needed. People seem to be more expressive and tend to warm up to me faster if they can be who they truly are. There is something about a serious expression, capturing tears, a thumb in a mouth and so on. This casual approach to photography helps tell a story - capturing the expressions that you love on a child, special times with your family, or even on your wedding day.

I have an appreciation of how fast children grow, a wedding day goes by, or how fast we can forget that special moment. I strive to help you capture that moment in time that will live forever.

Thank you for taking the time to look through my site.
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